I hate to say “I told you so” but it’s been confirmed by another parent- these kids ARE bottomless pits where desserts and snacks are concerned!

I've become my parents

Dessert stomachWelcome to another installment of WTF Wednesday, where if you can find the same advice advertised elsewhere for less, we’ll congratulate you and totally mean it.

This week, we’ve decided to tackle three questions about food. One about kids who can’t stop eating it, one about kids who don’t eat enough of it, and one about kids who only eat one thing.

Our first question comes from James Hudyma (A.K.A. @SasdaDad). He runs a blog called EduDad and asks,

Dear IBMP,

My son is always hungry. He stomps around the house shouting, “More! More!” What can I feed this kid to keep him full?

OK, first of all, you know you’re supposed to feed your kid daily, right?  If you forget once in a while it’s probably OK, but you should really make an effort to feed him every day. If you go away for the weekend, consider asking…

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