Why I deleted my Pinterest Account


If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then you are either a man or have been living under a rock for the last 6 months.  Either is fine, it just means you won’t have much interest in my Pinterest drama (did you like my pretty little play on words?).

This morning I deleted my Pinterest account because of one thing:  pornography.  Up until this point, I had seen a few images of scantily clad women floating around the site, and I had naively assumed they were posted by misguided girls who believed that sexy and pretty were the same thing.  Oh well, I thought, I just won’t browse through the clothing category.  It occurred to me that there might be real nudity out there, but I again assumed that my filters on my computer would block that and warn me if I clicked on anything “adult”.  I was wrong.

The other day I innocently clicked on something that said nothing about clothing or lack there of and up popped what I can only assume was an image intended for homosexual pornography- because it made this heterosexual girl disgusted!  I searched around the margins of the picture for a “report” button and found none.  So I headed to the “helps” tab to find out how to report an image.  It turns out that you have to click on the picture to expand it to full screen in order to see a “report” button.

I then went to the Policy page to see what the “rules” are.  It said that though Pinterest doesn’t permit nudity, it relies on it’s users to report it when they find it.  Well, that’s a fine kettle of fish!  That’s called “not taking responsibility” in my world.  And in my world, when you rely on the goodness of human nature too much, you are destined for disappointment.  This required an email.

I quickly fired off an email to their customer service center to present my complaint and to ask if there was a better way to filter out bad things.  I got a reply back fairly quickly.  They said that they are currently understaffed and only have the time to reply to log-in problems.  They kindly (hear the sarcasm) sent me links to their policy pages that I had just read and said that maybe someday they would have enough staff to answer every email personally.  Boo-hoo, they can’t be held responsible because they are understaffed.  So my next step was clear.

I deleted my account.

The thing that I just don’t understand about pornography is how predatory it is.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never, ever felt the inclination to take my clothes off in public that I’m just not seeing the allure (again sarcasm).  I’m much more inclined towards leniency and tolerance for what you do in the privacy of your own home.  But once what you do in your home invades my home- then I get vicious.  I get angry.  Mamma Bear rises up!  Keep your private parts to yourself please!

Why would anyone want to put those kinds of pictures on a neutral website frequented mostly by women… or worse, a website for children!  If I wanted to see that kind of junk, I would go looking for it.  But since I’m not looking for it, I don’t want it shoved in my face!  It’s like what a Facebook friend of mine commented, “The wolves are out there.”  So true.

So because I want to protect my children, I have deleted my Pinterest Account.  To honor my husband who is faithful to me in mind and body, I have deleted my Pinterest Account.  And I will probably get several more books read this year without having that black hole of time suckage sitting in my desk top tabs.  Good bye Pinterest.  I probably won’t even miss you.

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