You can’t please everyone


People hide Facebook friends because they’re too cheerful or too negative or too political or too much of a sports fan… You can’t please everyone.

The youth group is too spiritual or too fun… You can’t please everyone.

The drums are too loud, the organ is too old fashioned… We’re trying, but we can’t please everyone.

Service is too long, too short, too early, at an inconvenient time for the baby… There’s too many of you, we can’t please everyone!

The parking lot is too big I don’t want to walk that far, no it’s not big enough I can never find a spot… Take the bus, we can’t please everyone.

We want more stuff, but we need more storage space for the stuff we never use… Yep, you guessed it, can’t please everyone.

I loved the blog, I hated the blog… That doesn’t surprise me, I can’t please everyone.

You’re so honest.  So fake, I bet that’s not even your real name… *sigh*, I can’t please everyone.

Missionary-pastor’s wife, you’re not doing enough.  Mom, you’re doing too much… I’d rather please just you.

Taking the kids out for dinner.  Give them a choice:  McD’s or KFC.  One of each and the third wants Subway… who’s driving this crazy train anyways?

Children of Israel crying to God, “Deliver us from slavery!” for 700 years.   Now complaining, “Why did you take us from Egypt?!  Let’s go back!  I miss garlic.”

Fickleness.  There are some who would special order from Life, if they could.  You can’t please everyone.

Aside from God, who are the 2 or 3 people in your life whose opinion actually matters?  

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