I hate waiting…


I hate waiting.

I think a lot of us can relate to that.  We don’t like being in the Waiting Room of life.  Yet waiting is a reality, a life skill, and a spiritual discipline.  But I hate waiting just the same.

Right now in my real world I am waiting for certain things to happen.  I am waiting for a few people to get back to me via email.  I am waiting for certain events to come to completion.  I am waiting for a few problems to be resolved.  I am waiting for God to give me direction in a few decisions that must be made.  But I hate waiting.

I had coffee with a long time friend this week.  She too is in a Waiting Room in her life.  She has obeyed God, taken a step of faith, and risked it all without knowing how it’s going to end.  She and her husband have quit their jobs, because God told them to.  And now they wait.  They are waiting for the next direction from God.  Soon the paychecks will stop coming, and there is no “plan” for when that happens.  God has told them to wait.  And so they wait.

My friend lives by the ocean.  One day as she was walking along the shore watching the waves,  and a question just popped into her head.  She wondered, “who times the waves?  Does God tell each wave when to hit the shore?  Surely God has better things to do than to command each wave when to hit.”

And in that moment, God spoke directly into her heart.

God said, “I have already given each wave it’s orders.   I set the waves in motion and each wave knows when it will hit the shore.  I have already set the wave of your life in motion, it just hasn’t hit the shore yet.  Wait for it.”

And peace followed.

Wait for the wave to hit the shore.  It is coming.  Events are already in motion that you know nothing of.  The wave is coming.  Wait for it.

About amamiot

My family and I are missionaries in Costa Rica. Before that we lived in Mexico and before that we came from Minnesota. I am a teacher, an artist, a "journaler", a quilter, a cooker, a baker, a hostess, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I like reading and watching movies (ehem, and quoting movie lines). I would love to be in a Jane Austin movie but I don't know how to ballroom dance or play Whist.

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