Spanish Red Tape


As a follow-up to my last post called “Death by Bureaucracy” a sympathetic friend sent me this Youtube video which I think sums it up perfectly.  Hopefully THIS will be us today at Immigration.  Wish us luck!

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My family and I are missionaries in Costa Rica. Before that we lived in Mexico and before that we came from Minnesota. I am a teacher, an artist, a "journaler", a quilter, a cooker, a baker, a hostess, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I like reading and watching movies (ehem, and quoting movie lines). I would love to be in a Jane Austin movie but I don't know how to ballroom dance or play Whist.

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    • Glad you guys enjoyed it. We had success today and completed this step in the process. So we got ONE thing done today and we are feeling accomplished. That’s Latin America for ya!

  1. My husband, 14 year old son and I laughed through the whole video! We are missionaries in the Philippines, and just went thru the grueling visa process, we could sooo relate to this! We were finally approved, but not before numerous revisions, “policy changes”, and a 5000 peso (about $125) “correction fee” because of a missing photocopy (overlooked by the local immigration office, not our fault! But, try arguing that…) I might have to share this for all my expat/missionary friends!

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