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Things I’ve learned at the airport


See, even Matt Damon picks his nose, so I guess it’s OK

Do you enjoy people watching?  I admit that as a connoisseur of the ridiculous and bizarre, I relish times when I can sit back quietly and watch the weirdos go by.  Highly entertaining for me.  And the airport is one of my favorite people watching venues.  Good opportunities to gawk and mock make trips to the airport at least tolerable.  This past summer we have made more trips to the airport to pick people up than I can ever remember making in the past.

So here’s my latest revelation gleaned from the bounties of boredom at the airport:  apparently you don’t have to worry about how you behave in public anymore.  For years I have labored under the illusion that personal grooming should be conducted discreetly and in the privacy of either home or bathroom.  My mother, who went to Charm School in the 60’s when other young ladies were burning their bras, has insisted that I learn how to behave in public.  This included walking lines to keep my duck toes pointed straight and moderating my voice so as not to laugh too loudly or too obnoxiously in public.  So it is with great shock that I observed various cases of personal grooming and self-touching that caused me to purse my prissy lips in dismay.

The “Vulgar and Unrefined” behaviors that I observed at the airport today are apparently now socially acceptable since more than one person was doing them and I have seen these actions repeated almost daily here in Costa Rica.  They include:  brushing hair, picking noses and ears and teeth, clipping fingernails (!), indiscreetly adjusting undergarments, and  scratching any body part that itches.  I would like to add to this list, the use of the cleavage as a cell phone holster, and the “manly” rubbing of the bare belly I have observed by men standing idly on street corners.  I’m not sure whether to advert my eyes or to giggle like a junior higher.  I do the adult thing- I smirk.

Well this revelation is quite liberating for me.  I will now be picking and itching with careless abandon!  It’s a good thing that nobody cares how you act in public anymore.  At least I’m still wearing a bra.

Quit feeding these kids! (They’re getting too big.)


I’ve probably said it a thousand times, “These kids have got to stop growing!”  You don’t realize how much your own kids have changed because you see them every day.  But you notice when other people’s kids are growing.  We went back to Minnesota for Christmas this year.  We haven’t been home in a year and a half.  Aside from the shock of the temperature difference between Costa Rica and Minnesota, I was totally shocked at how big all my nieces and nephews had grown in 18 months.  Everyone came to the airport to greet us.  When we walked through the security doors all these tall, gangly teenagers came running down the hall at us!

It reminded me of when I take my dog to the groomers.  I always tell them to cut Nacho’s hair very short because shih-tzus are long haired dogs.  It buys me time between visits to the “Peluqueria”.  Every time they bring out my freshly shorn pup I don’t recognize him.  But he seems really happy to see me, so this must be my dog.  I take him home and in a few days I again recognize my own dog.  The change is just so shocking at first!

Well it was the same with my nieces and nephews.  I didn’t recognize these kids.  But they seemed really happy to see me, so they must be my family.  In a few days it wasn’t so weird that most of them are taller than me now.  And I was once again recognizing my own family members.  The change was just so shocking at first.  I told them all to quit growing so I don’t have to go through this again when we come back next time.  I doubt they’ll listen to me.