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Vodka Honey


This story has nothing to do with anything spiritual or deep.  I just thought you might like to hear a funny little story.

I have been struggling with terrible allergies ever since we moved back to Costa Rica two years ago.  I have tried everything, so I thought.   A while ago I noticed that there is a corner near my house where some teenagers are always selling honey in what looks like old whiskey bottles or something like that.  Not being a drinker, I’m not real familiar with alcohol and it’s marketing, but the bottles look suspicious.  I got to thinking, probably the honey is more “local” than what I buy in the stores.  And if it’s local honey, it might be good for my allergies.  So I asked my husband to buy a bottle the next time he saw those kids selling honey on the street corner.

So the other day, my husband comes home with a huge bottle of honey that he paid about $5.00 for.  I turned the bottle around in my hand and sure enough, I recognized the name of a vodka brand imprinted on the bottle.  Then the jokes began.  My “vodka honey” was blamed for all kinds of crazy behaviors that happened throughout the day.  It really is better tasting honey than what we buy in the stores, but the “vodka honey” seemed to make everything taste just that much better.  Yes, we really took the jokes overboard, but that’s how we roll as a family.

Now this morning as I was loading the children in the car to go to school, from under the front seat a glass pop bottle rolled to the back of the car.  Josh and I had taken a road trip about 2 weeks ago.  On our journey we stopped at a grocery store and I noticed that they were selling Jones Sodas.  I had never seen Jones Soda in Costa Rica, so I made a big deal about it.  I discovered that my husband had never tasted Cream Soda!  Well that cinched in, I bought a bottle of Jones Cream Soda.  We shared it on the way home.

My 5 year old spotted the bottle rolling under the seat and exclaimed, “Oooh, there’s a bottle!  Is it Vodka or Honey?”  I died laughing.  What on earth is her teacher going to think if something like that pops out of her mouth at Kindergarten?!

My little pitcher with big ears. I have to be careful what I say around this one, she’s smart!