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Pura Vida: The Way to Carpe Diem the Good Life


We have a phrase here in Costa Rica that is unique to this country.  We say “Pura Vida” which literally means “Pure Life”.  This is a handy little phrase that can be thrown into nearly any pause in a conversation and usually elicits expressions of pleasant surprise on the face of every Tico who hears a Gringo or Gringa pull off a Pura Vida.  How’s your day going?  Pura Vida.  How do you like Costa Rica?  Pura Vida.  Do you want to go surfing with me?  Pura Vida.  Would you like another plate of Gallo Pinto?  No thanks.  (I just threw that last one in for fun.)

Anyhow.  Pura Vida is kind of the national phrase of Costa Rica.  It rings with the mellow tones of a laid back way of looking at things.  It typifies the Costa Rican way of going about life, or rather of letting life happen.  I like Pura Vida.  I’m kind of a laid back, go with the flow, HakunaMatata kind of a girl.  So Pura Vida suits me.

Just for the fun of it, the Pura Vida, watch this beautiful video of someone’s vacation to Costa Rica and breath deeply.  Relax and enjoy this.  Pretend it’s YOUR vacation video.  Kick off your shoes under your desk and enjoy a little Pura Vida today.  It’s on the house.