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“I am not worthless, You are not worth this”


All the words in bold are scripture verses from the book of the Bible called Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon.  It’s God’s love song to us, so I thought it was appropriate to highlight some powerful verses when talking about Love.

I picked up a few free songs on NoiseTrade the other day.  One song is called The Last Time by Kate Monaghan.  Check it out.  You might like some of her music.  Songs are really powerful things for me.  It’s the lyrics that draw me in, the poetry of a song that captures me.  This song is a break-up ballad.  These lines caught my attention though:

“Cause I am not worthless, you are not worth this.  Now matter what you say about me.

Cause I am not worthless, you are not worth this.  You’re not worth what I’ve done to myself.

Cause I am not worthless, you are not worth this.  You’re not my problem anymore.”

Even though I’m past that angsty teenage-heart-break phase of life (Thank God) I like the poetry of these lyrics.  They hold an important truth about the lies that we listen to and believe even as adults.  The very direct approach is that this song is about a girl singing about a loser boyfriend.  The indirect approach is any one of us throwing off the lies that have entangled us- telling that Snake that hisses in our ear to shut up and go away.  He only speaks lies.

“Do not arouse or awaken Love until it is ready.”

In the beginning, believing the lie that “I am worthless” leads a girl to give away things that she should never give away.  Then she settles.  She settles for less than what she’s worth.  She continues to tear off chunks of herself to feed to the lie, like feeding bread to hungry ducks.  The lie gets more bold and more agressive with each gulp of flesh, each pound of flesh.  What have you done to yourself, Girl?  You’ve starved yourself.  You’ve inserted things into your body that don’t belong there. You’ve given away more of yourself than you intended.  And now you are less, even less than you thought you were.  He doesn’t love you any more, he likes you even less.

“Catch the little foxes that ruin the vineyard.”

Little lies lead to bigger lies.  Little indulgences lead to large indiscretions.  The slope is steep and slippery.  Satan keeps lying to her.  He entices her to cut herself.  Then he accuses her for doing it.  You’re worthless.  And now look what you’ve done.  Didn’t I tell you you were bad?  That Snake won’t stop with just one bite.  He strikes over and over again.

What can she do?  How do you fight a Liar?  With the truth.  What truth do you know?

“I am not worthless!”  “I am my Beloved’s and he is mine, his banner over me is Love!”  Swing that sword, Girl.  You are Loved!

“I am not worthless!”  I sing with gusto!  I sing with personal conviction of one who knows she is loved.  “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come away with me.”  Fight, Girl.  Fight!  You’re worth it.

“I am not worthless.  No matter what you say about me.”  I know who I am.  Like a child who has been bullied, my Father God rises up in holy fury and flies to my rescue when I cry for Him.  Like a Momma Bear on the rampage, God defends me from the Liar.  I know who I am.  I am a precious child, valued and treasured.  Precious.  “How beautiful your sandaled feet, O prince’s daughter.”

Girl, you are not worthless.  You are the precious daughter of the God-King.  You are a Princess!

 Feel loved, feel wanted, feel desired… You are not worthless.