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Praying for the Middle East


My heart has been heavy for the last few days.  I’ve been thinking and praying for friends and co-workers in the Middle East.  We have connections in several sensitive countries in the Middle East where anti-American protests have erupted this weekend.  From their reports, they are mostly hunkering down at home and waiting for the mobs to calm down.

They knew full well the risks they were taking in moving their families to the Middle East.  But each of them felt lead by God to live in countries that don’t like our government and don’t like us.  They knew what they were getting into.

I pray for them.

As the world rages and chaos swirls all around, I pray that my friends would have peace in their hearts and minds.  When violence and horror fill the news, I pray that peace and joy would fill their homes.  I pray that their serenity in a time of upheaval would become like a beacon of light to those looking for hope, looking for an escape.  As the Apostles in the book of Acts prayed after their arrest and beatings, “Lord let us continue to preach with boldness and courage,” I pray for courage for my friends.

While the winds of change blow violently through the Middle East, my friends hunker down under the protective wing of our Heavenly Father who sees all things and cares for those who love Him.  He is like a Mother Bird who shelters her young under her wings.  God is our refuge.  I am praying for my friends.