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Back to Real Life


We head back to Costa Rica again on Monday.  We took the full 3 weeks of Christmas vacation to come back this year because we had the Missions Convention and a full load of services to do… it’s our job.  But we are ready to get home.  As you read this, I will be waiting to board a plane with our children and way too many pieces of luggage.

When we get home, the kids and I go right to school the next day.  I wish we could have given ourselves a buffer of a few days, but it just didn’t work out.  I would like to have taken down the Christmas tree and unpacked before we hit the ground running.  My husband feels no need for a buffer zone.  He just plows through life like it’s a football game.  I, on the other hand, I need time to recharge my batteries (and that didn’t happen much during vacation.)  Maybe I’ll schedule my 5th graders for a nap time tomorrow.  🙂

So being back home has been worth the work to get there, but I’m ready to get back to real life.  I’m ready to get back to my own bed… no more air mattress on the floor in the basement.  I’m ready to have more than 3 changes of clothing to choose from.  I’m ready to not be cold anymore.  I’m ready to speak Spanish again (though I’ll be rusty for the first few days.)  And I’m ready to be back at school again.

Time to get back to real life- and it’s a good life.