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The Heavenly Olympics


My husband is an avid sports fan.  In his sports world there are two great events:  The beginning of Fantasy Football Season and the Super Bowl.  These special dates are trumped only by the Olympics.  When the Olympics are on, the rest of life is on hold.  Thankfully, technology has made it possible to record this event for more convenient viewing at your leisure.  Remember when we used to record TV programs on VHS tapes?  Raise your hand if you’ve ever accidentally recorded over something important when you reused one of those VHS tapes.  Yep, been there done that.  Thank goodness for DVR and TVO technology.  No more tears over taping “Steel Magnolias” over the Olympics…

So while my hubby was camping in the jungle with a team of college students, I was sitting comfortably on the couch at home watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics.  Now let me clarify, due to my likely case of latent adult ADD which prevents me from watching more than 15 minutes of TV at a time before I must get up and fold a load of laundry or mop the floor, I was watching snippets of the opening ceremony.  Let’s see.  I watched the parade of nations from Iran to Sudan and I watched Paul McCartney singing the chorus of “Hey Jude”… and that’s about it.  But it was enough to make me start thinking about Heaven.

Apparently, it doesn’t take much to get me thinking about Heaven.  But I spent the rest of the evening wondering if we will have a parade of nations in Heaven.  When we are all reunited with our God, I think there will be a parade.  Imagine this.  The Bible says that there will be believers from every tribe and nation from all times and eras.  Every people group will have a remnant to present to Jesus as His inheritance as the Son of God.  How proudly God will display His Saving Grace!  Every color of face, every language, every culture will be represented as we parade before the Heavenly audience of angels.  Imagine the applause as we cheer for our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  It’s a celebration that will cause the Olympics to pale in comparison!

I’m excited for that day!  On my blog, I get to see what countries readers come from.  Every morning I check and see if my 3 readers in Japan have checked in, my 5 readers in Thailand, my 6 from Costa Rica.  Whenever I see a new dot on the map, I get excited.  Today I had a new dot on United Arab Emirates!  Last week I had a new dot in Vietnam and one in Seychelles.  What fun!  Someday at the big parade in Heaven I might get to meet people who read my blog in far away countries.  Maybe I’ll get to play a part in bringing someone closer to Jesus through my blog, who knows!  God can use anything to draw people to Himself.  So I can’t wait to see all the Nations together praising God for saving them.  What a day that will be!