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This Boy



This boy turns 17 today.  Happy Birthday Boy.

This boy is the child who made me a mother for the first time.

This boy is the one who wanted to be rocked to sleep… for hours… every night.

This boy is the child who loved Thomas the Tank Engine.

This boy used to stand at the screen door crying if I went into the garden without him.

This boy talked my ear off for the first 6 years of his life and must have spent all his words because now he’s pretty quiet.

This boy was my little companion, my buddy, until he converted to the Man Side of the family and started copying everything his Daddy did.

This boy was homeschooled through 4th grade and would still enjoy NOT going to school simply because it means he has to get up and put clothes on every day.  I’m worried about college.

This boy is spending his last year with us.  I am very conscience of the fact that he will be leaving the nest next spring.  I feel sure that he will launch into adult life nearly totally prepared, at least as prepared as any other 17 year old boy.  But he has a lot of “firsts” ahead of him still.

He can navigate through an airport and control his own passport and documents, but he has never worked a job.  He has a driver’s license in Minnesota, but we live in Costa Rica where it’s illegal for him to drive.  He can speak two languages, but he needs to learn to speak up for himself sometimes and not be so shy.  I’m pretty sure there will be girls who try to get his attention, but he doesn’t know all the games that girls can play with a boy’s heart.  He knows how to do his own laundry and wash his own dishes and clean his own bathroom, but he doesn’t do it voluntarily… I guess that’s normal.  At least he’s got good personal hygiene.

This boy is stepping over the threshold into manhood right before my very eyes.  I couldn’t be more proud of him and the depth of his Godly character.  I am excited for all the future holds for Taylor.

Happy 17th Birthday Boy.


A Vaccination for Adolescence



Why haven’t they developed a vaccination for adolescence?  Why bother searching for a cure for cancer when only a certain percentage of the population will ever get?   Better to focus on something we all go through at least once with our own raging hormones and often go through again when we have children.

Last week I invented a new word to describe my middle child in her pre-teen mood:  “Attitudy”.  It can be either an adjective describing her in this phase or an adverb describing her actions.   It is a good word.  It accurately describes how I feel about eye rolls, a sassy tone of voice, and sullen pouting.  The word has kind of a bathroom quality about it.  Only a potty word can accurately capture the essence of the tween.  Yes, Attitudy is a useful word, and you’re welcome to use it too.

Maybe instead of searching for a medical option to cure adolescence, we should look into some kind of residency program, like a cross between summer camp and an insane asylum. We could call it… Boarding School.  It’s got a ring to it.  “Attitudy Academy”.  What do you all think?  All in favor of Boarding School for the temporally insane pre-teens say AYE!

Lord help us.  No wonder in the Bible we often see young teenage Bible characters out in the fields tending the sheep.  Probably they were just disrupting the peace of the home too much, so their parents sent them waaaaay out into the fields.  They needed to be alone and to blow off some steam by throwing rocks at giants and such.  I’m just hopping this one doesn’t sell her sister to a band of traveling Midianites.  (I’ll have to make a mental note to steer clear of anyone traveling by camel.)  

Although not Biblical, the story of Sleeping Beauty is making a lot more sense to me now:  just put her into a coma until we can marry her off.  Well, maybe I’ll have to keep searching for that vaccination for adolescence.

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