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Sometimes I just don’t know “What Would Jesus Do?”


You remember that bumper sticker saying from a few years back (OK, like more than 10 years ago) that reduced the Christian faith to four letters WWJD- What Would Jesus Do?  It was intended to help young people think more like a follower of Christ.  But I found that pity little slogan to be irritatingly inadequate sometimes.  Let’s be honest, sometimes we have no clue what Jesus would do in a certain situation.

For example, back when we were in youth ministry I found myself in a church politics pickle.  A former youth group girl had shacked up with a bad guy and had gotten pregos. We warned her that he was a bad apple.  We told her parents that he had a restraining order against him.  But this family made US the bad guys and they let the wolf in the door.  The girl had left the church, but her parents were still active members… and very vocal.

One day, I was very surprised when I received a baby shower invitation from the parents of this girl.  I was more than a little stumped about what to do.  I didn’t want to encourage this girl’s rebellion- she was still unmarried and living with this guy.  But since her parents were strong church members I didn’t want to offend and alienate them either.  They still had other kids in the youth group, and we wanted to keep a good relationship with them too.  So I was in a pickle.

I tried to apply my bumper sticker mantra and asked myself, “What would Jesus do?”  And no solution became obvious to me.  I had to admit that I had absolutely no idea what Jesus would do in this situation.  Not one clue.  So I aimed a little lower and asked myself, “What would my pastor do?”  I still had no idea, but NOW I had someone to ask. My pastor was one of the most highly respected men in my life.  I trusted his judgement.  When I presented my dilemma to him and told him that he was the next best thing to WWJD, he laughed timidly.  He told me that he didn’t know what Jesus would do either, but his wife was going to send a gift but not actually attend the shower.  Nice move, politically speaking.

So my point is that sometimes I have no idea how Jesus would handle some situation in my life, but I believe that God has given me respectable mentors who can guide me with advice and by their examples.  I may not know what Jesus would do, but I can most definitely search for wise council.

“For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers.”  Proverbs 11:14