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Guest Blogger, My Daughter: Declaration of Independence

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My daughter Emma did a little summer homework!  She wanted to write something about the 4th of July, so I made her do some research first.  Here’s what my almost-11-year-old wrote.

The Declaration of Independence was signed by fifty-six men.  Thomas Jefferson wrote it, and then signed it.  At Independence Hall is where he and fifty-five other people signed it.  The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2,1776.  These men signed it:  George Read, Caesar Rodney, Thomas McKean, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Lewis Morris, William Whipple and so on.  They signed it for freedom from England.  It was written on July 2,1776, and was published on July 4,1776.  On July 4 we celebrate freedom with fireworks, picnics, and more.  France gave a gift to America, The Statue of Liberty.  It is in New York City.  And she stands there holding the Bible and her torch.  Her torch is held high in the sky.  My mom was proudly born on July 2,1974 , and I just wrote about what happened on her birthday, on her blog.                  Emma