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I don’t diet because I don’t want to kill people.


I don’t like diets.  I used to be one of those people who could eat anything and never gain weight.  I remember in college being hungry all the time.  I must have had a good metabolism or something.  Then kids came along and ruined my waist line.  And I lost my thyroid to cancer so my metabolism is shot now.

Without a thyroid, weight loss is waaaaaay more difficult than before.  I tried Weight Watchers.  I hated it- my blood sugar was out of control.  We’re lucky that I didn’t kill anyone.  I tried crazy amounts of exercise- 90 minutes a day should do something, right?  Not without a thyroid!  It was so discouraging that after about 9 months (with only about 6 pounds lost) I gave up.  So maybe when I say I don’t like diets there is a tinge of bitterness in my sentiments towards all those people who have success with that.

But beyond the jealousy of not seeing the same results for a herculean effort, I have to say that one thing that really bugs me about other people on a diet or an exercise craze is that they are consumed with their own bodies and the food they do or do not eat.  THEY don’t see it as being consumed.  They feel like they are being “conscientious”.  They feel like they are being inspiring and motivating when they share their successes.  They don’t realize that I want “go postal” every time they talk about their diet or their weight loss or their life-style or their goals.  I want to point out to these people just HOW much they talk about THEMSELVES.  It’s really annoying.

Not only do they talk about themselves all the time.  They are consumed with food.  Food controls them.  They think about food, plan what they will eat, tell everyone what they are avoiding, can’t do certain things because there will be bad food there, require their friends to accommodate their food restrictions (ever invite a vegetarian over for dinner?).  They are controlled by food.  And that really annoys me too.

If you have success on a diet or exercise plan, I can be happy for you… if you spare me the details.  I can applaud the successes of others, if they don’t rub it in my face.  Just keep it to yourself and let me compliment you on your trim figure if I feel like it.  And whatever you do… don’t try to pull me up on your bandwagon.  You’ll throw your back out.

So after that rant against diets.  I will refrain from telling you what I am going to prepare for breakfast.  I won’t tell you how many minutes I did NOT log on the stair master.  I won’t post on Facebook how many miles I ran at the crack of dawn.  And I won’t announce how many calories I burned doing housework.  Frankly, no one cares.  My life is far more interesting than what I put in my mouth.